Internet-Ready Software

Source: National Instruments Corporation
LabVIEW 6i with Internet-ready capabilities is designed to
LabVIEW 6i with Internet-ready capabilities is designed to increase the productivity of engineers and scientists. With this version, users can deploy control applications to colleagues with the new LabVIEW Player browser plug-in, publish data to the Web, and share data throughout an enterprise. Users can take advantage of measurement and control intelligence to build measurement and control applications in fewer steps than in previous versions. The concept of measurement and control intelligence includes automatic measurement and control hardware configuration for fast application development and little user programming.

With this technology, engineers and scientists around the world can access VIs from their Web browser. Users create VIs then distribute the applications to colleagues through the Internet. Engineers and scientists can use the Player, to open and run these VIs with LabVIEW capabilities. In addition to sharing VIs, engineers and scientists can share measurement and control information across a manufacturing enterprise and around the world. They can continuously publish or subscribe to live data with no programming. Users can stream live data from any user interface control to the Web or other applications with a single mouse click. They can also distribute control applications throughout an enterprise. For example, users can direct one remote computer to acquire data, another to analyze the data on a powerful workstation, and publish the results anywhere on a network.

This software provides the concept of measurement and control intelligence; the integration of measurement input/output hardware, sensors, and software to automatically recognize and configure available measurement and control components. With measurement and control intelligence, users can build control applications in fewer steps and with less programming to decrease development time. The software offers a wide variety of measurement and control functions for data acquisition and instrument control, as well as new image acquisition and motion control libraries. Measurement and control intelligence includes many performance enhancements designed to improve systems and user productivity.

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