In Suti/Open-Path Advantages

Source: Air Instruments & Measurements, Inc.
developed from almost 30 years experience and knowledge from a number of companies
1. Experience... developed from almost 30 years experience and knowledge from a number of companies, including EDC, Thermo Electron, Teledyne Analytical, and now 10 years as AIM; and over 4000 installations, in 33 countries worldwide.

2. Advanced (Patented) Design... The AIM 5600 single-pass, the E-6000 double-pass and 8000 open-path systems have all evolved from AIM's many patents.

2.1 The advantages as compared to extractive systems are:
(a) Representative Sample... extended-path average, independent of sampling point;
(b) Fast response... no sampling system delays;
(c) Reliable operation...(no sampling system to maintain); and
(d) Accurate measurement... no opportunity for sample condensation or reaction.

2.2 The advantages of AIM's Across-Stream design as compared to other in-situ systems
(a) No sample contact, as with probe designs; no mirror fouling, plugging, or corrosion; no thermal stress; no loss of reactive gases while sampling;
(b) Averages concentration gradients; not a point sample;

2.3 The advantages of AIM's In-Situ design as compared to other in-situ systems
(a) Calibration on-demand, including an EPA-compliant cylinder gas audit (CGA). The first and across-stream analyzer with EPA approval.
(b) Collimated projection optics, applicable to large (i.e 30' diam.) as well as small (i.e. 3' diam) flue gas streams.
(c) IR measurement greatly increases the number of components that can be measured.
UV greatly increases the sensitivity. AIM offers both.

2.4 In addition the system includes the following features:

(a) Mdl 5600 records complete spectra; E-6000 & 8000 measure up to 6 components,
or more, in one system, plus IR opacity or optical density (dust loading);
(b) Fully US EPA App B & F Compliant; including O2 correction for analysis as ppm at x% O2; H2O measurement for ppm dry; flow measurement for mass emissions;
(c) Multiple simultaneous outputs, for multiple ranges, corrected/uncorrected data, instantaneous/averaged data, continuous data/data including periodic cals, etc.

3. Proven Reliability... Reliable hardware and no sampling system insures minimum maintenance, with routine PMs and cylinder gas audits scheduled quarterly.

4. Economical... One analyzer measures multiple components, for environmental monitoring, process control and combustion optimization. Readily field expandable.

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