ICS 100

Source: SICK, Inc.
ICS 100
An Intelligent Machine Vision System
The revolutionary ICS 100 Intelligent Camera Sensor is so easy to operate that it can be integrated quickly and easily into any application without special image processing knowledge. It will immediately improve work flow, budget and product quality at minimal expense.

The IP 64 housing and homogenous integrated illumination and lens make it easy to mount in the smallest and most hostile factory environments. A robust CMOS sensor allows inspection of very glossy objects without glaring or blooming and a lightning fast processing speed of up to 2.5 ms makes even the fastest moving applications possible.

The ICS 100 is equipped with a variety of algorithms, including pixel sum, minimum pixel sum, multi-area evaluation and shape check to be sure that one will work for any application need.

The ICS 100 retains whatever you teach it. During the process, the sensor compares the current image with the images it has been taught. As soon as an image appears in the viewfinder, which coincides sufficiently with the taught information, the corresponding output is triggered.

The compact and practical ICS 100 is a complete system can be installed anywhere an intelligent sensor is required.

A true machine vision solution, the ICS 100 is capable of pattern matching, presence monitoring, shape verification, position and dimension verification, object detection and completeness verification.

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