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Hydrogen Engine Center Announces Commissioning Of Hydrogen Power Generation System At Startech Environmental Corp.

ALGONA, Iowa--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Hydrogen Engine Center, Inc., (OTC BB: HYEG.OB), a developer of systems and processes used in the design, manufacture and distribution of alternative fuel internal combustion engines, engine controls and power generation systems, today announced an important milestone in the continued effort towards carbon reduced, carbon-free energy. Hydrogen Engine Center has delivered and commissioned its hydrogen-fueled power generation system in combination with a waste remediation package from Startech Environmental Corp. (OTC BB: STHK.OB). The power generation system will be arranged for demonstrations by running on converted waste gases processed by the Startech Plasma Converter ™.

On March 19, 2008, Hydrogen Engine Center (HEC) and Startech announced that they would commence joint efforts to develop commercial projects that combine HEC's hydrogen-fueled power generation systems with Startech's proprietary Plasma Converter technology for waste destruction, processing and remediation. The goal is to have HEC's power generation systems provide clean power using the hydrogen-based byproduct fuel produced by Startech's Plasma Converter.

During the week of September 1, 2008, HEC commissioned its Oxx Power® power generation system at Startech's demonstration facilities in Connecticut. The demonstration facilities will allow for observations of how the entire Startech-HEC system works to produce clean power. According to Startech executives, the HEC system is going to be a required component of their entire package to be offered to customers. End users will be able to determine the purpose of the power generation system, whether it will be used to create a closed-loop cycle where the unit provides power to the Startech system or provide power for external uses. Power levels to be produced by the power generation system will be based upon multiple factors including the size of Startech's Plasma Converter and the amount of hydrogen-based fuel produced by the waste remediation process. HEC believes it can achieve power levels ranging from 5kW to 1MW dependent on the size of the unit and fuel type being used.

Ted Hollinger, President and CEO of Hydrogen Engine Center, said, "Hydrogen Engine Center continues to move toward its goal of leading the way toward a carbon-free economy. We're excited for the potential which this strategic alliance brings to HEC, Startech, and frankly anyone with the desire to effectively remediate waste, while producing electrical power and reducing energy costs. Our work with Startech continues to open up markets for our combined products in a package that adds tremendous value to the end user."

Joseph F. Longo, Startech's president, said, "The compelling interest in the use of hydrogen for vehicles and stationary carbonless power has been one of the reasons for this alliance with HEC. We think it is important to appreciate the fact that the HEC engine-generator is not a fuel cell; it is a robust internal-combustion reciprocal-engine, much like the well-proven one in your vehicle. A pound of hydrogen contains more than twice as much energy as a pound of jet fuel. Hydrogen produced by Startech's Plasma Converters can be used in HEC's engines to produce absolutely pristine carbonless power."

About Startech -- The Environment and Energy Company
Startech is the internationally recognized, Award-winning Environment and Energy Industry Company engaged in the production and sale of its innovative, proprietary plasma processing equipment known as the Plasma Converter System™.

The Plasma Converter System safely and economically destroys wastes, no matter how hazardous or lethal, and turns most into useful and valuable products. In doing so, the System protects the environment and helps to improve the Public Health and Safety. The System achieves closed-loop elemental recycling to safely and irreversibly destroy Municipal Solid Waste, organics and inorganics, solids, liquids and gases, hazardous and non-hazardous waste, industrial by-products and also items such as "e-waste," medical waste, chemical industry waste and other specialty wastes, while converting many of them into useful commodity products that can include metals and a synthesis-gas called Plasma Converted Gas (PCG)™.

Among the many commercial uses for PCG, is its use to produce "Carbonless Power," Gas-To-Liquid (GTL) fuels such as ethanol, synthetic diesel fuel and other higher alcohol "alternative" fuels. Hydrogen, for use and sale, can also be separated and recovered from the PCG synthesis gas mixture.

The Startech Plasma Converter is essentially a manufacturing system producing valuable commodity products from feedstock-materials that were previously regarded as wastes.

Startech regards all wastes, hazardous and non-hazardous, as valuable renewable resources and as feedstocks.

For further information, please visit or contact Steve Landa at (888) 807-9443, (203) 762-2499 EXT 7 or

About Hydrogen Engine Center, Inc.
Hydrogen Engine Center, Inc. (HEC) develops systems and processes used in the design, manufacture and distribution of alternative fuel internal combustion engines, engine controls and power generation systems. These technologies are for use by customers and partners in the industrial and power generation markets. These solutions and the engines using them are designed to run on hydrogen, ethanol, methanol, ammonia and traditional fuels. Engines and engine products are sold under the brand name Oxx Power®. HEC trades on the Bulletin Board under the symbol "HYEG.OB." Principal offices are located at 2502 E Poplar St., Algona, Iowa 50511. Visit or in the US dial 515-295-3178 for more information.

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