High Volume Small Surface Sampler (HVS3)

Source: Envirometrics, Inc.

High Volume Small Surface Sampler (HVS3)
The HVS3 is the ASTM standard method for recovering (potentially contaminated) dust samples from surfaces for chemical analysis. Envirometrics has an HVS3 available for short-term rental.
The High Volume Small Surface Sampler (HVS3) was developed by Envirometrics, Inc. and Engineering Plus, Inc. for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in order to collect samples of surface dust for measurement of the concentration of lead, pesticides and other toxics in the dust. The HVS3 weighs less than 30 pounds and is easy to use, clean, and ship. It can be conveniently carried by one person and fits in the trunk of a car. The HVS3 is made from aluminum and can be easily cleaned to the exacting QA/QC standards of pesticide, PCB and semi-volatile organics testing.

The HVS3 will collect a large, representative sample of dust from indoor surfaces such as rugs and bare floors, and dust from outdoor surfaces such as streets, sidewalks, lawn, and bare, packed dirt. A sample can be collected in 10 minutes that is large enough (10 to 200 g) for multiple chemical analyses and bioassays. It has been used to assess risks from lead, pesticides and other contaminants in house dust.

The HVS3 maintains uniform sampling conditions by measuring and controlling the air flow and the pressure drop across a 5-inch nozzle. A 3-inch cyclone collects more than 99% of the average house dust. The cyclone catch cup can be used to transport the sample. A backup filter can be used behind the cyclone if desired.

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