Company Profile | January 1, 1996

heat transfer systems, fume oxidizers, heat recovery, thermal bonding, temperature controls, incinerators

Source: Glenro, Inc.
heat transfer systems, fume oxidizers, heat recovery, thermal bonding, temperature controls, incinerators Process Heating Systems for Medical Manufacturing Glenro Inc. serves medical manufacturers with process heating engineering and equipment including infrared heaters, hot air dryers and fume oxidizers. Glenro's systems dry, cure, sinter, heat-shrink, etc. medical products such as tubing, catheters, transdermal delivery systems, nonwoven fabrics, aseptic packaging, wound dressings, filter media, membranes, testing strips and web converting.

Engineered Heat Processing Solutions
Maximum processing productivity . . . Excellent product quality . . . High-energy efficiency . . . Intelligent use of plant space. Coaxing the best performance from a medical manufacturing processing line is challenging on several levels. At Glenro, we help medical manufacturers deal with their heat processing challenges every day. Over four decades' experience in the business has given us a huge knowledge base and an impressive set of tools for making medical processing lines perform better.

Process engineering is the key to Glenro's approach to heat processing system development. We don't just build systems. Our engineers look at the customer's process and what the desired results are. We get an overall picture of the customer's requirements before any design begins. Working from customer information, Glenro's engineers use in-house pilot lines to develop a process. In most cases, our goal is to develop a processing line that runs at maximum speed, but that produces consistently high quality product. Achieving that mix of productivity and quality can be a challenge, but our engineers are used to that. During our company's history, we've developed many successful processing applications for manufacturers of medical products. Each system we develop becomes a proven solution™ to the set of challenges with which the customer presents us.

Glenro's headquarters are in Paterson, New Jersey, which is home to our engineering facilities, laboratories, manufacturing, marketing and administrative operations. We also have regional sales engineering offices to give our customers high levels of service and technical support.

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