News | September 15, 2023

Groundbreaking Certification Eliminates Waste And Shifts The Food Service Market To Reusables

Oakland, CA /PRNewswire/ - Today, nonprofit organizations Center for Environmental Health (CEH) and Clean Production Action (CPA) unveiled a new certification program that will eliminate toxic chemicals and waste created by single-use foodware materials. The GreenScreen Certified® Standard for Reusable Food Packaging, Food Service Ware, & Cookware fulfills the growing consumer demand for products with preferred chemistry and less waste.

Globally, we are grappling with a plastic pollution crisis with 400 million tons of new plastics created each year and at least 40 percent of plastics created for single use. Chemicals in these plastics such as vinyl chloride and styrene have a list of known health effects such as impaired concentration, nervous system effects, cancer, and many others.

Even in materials other than plastic such as paper packaging, large amounts of precious resources including land, water, and energy go into creating a product that is in use for mere minutes. Reusable materials eliminate the need for single-use and alleviate the burden on our landfills and environment.

GreenScreen Certified for Reusables eliminates many of the concerns associated with single-use foodware and cookware. The standard also sets clear criteria for reusability and requires strict testing to ensure any recycled materials used in food packaging, service ware, cookware and food containers, contain no known hazardous chemicals.

"From the grocery store to restaurant to-go orders, a large portion of the food we eat comes packaged in materials that are intended to be thrown away immediately after consumption," said Sue Chiang, Director of the Food Program at CEH. "Reusables are a key component to protecting our health and solving our plastic pollution, climate, and waste crises. This new safety standard is critical for ensuring that consumers as well as restaurants, schools, hospitals, and businesses are empowered to embrace the reusable revolution."

"I feel honored to be part of the GreenScreen Certified Program for foodware," said Manasa Mantravadi, Founder & CEO, stainless steel dishware brand Ahimsa. "As a Physician, I am focused on safer products in our food system. From packaging to foodware–we need to be intentional about removing harmful chemicals that affect human health. I applaud CEH and CPA for establishing standards that put people and the planet first."

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Source: Center for Environmental Health

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