News | September 24, 2008

Green Star Alternative Energy Announces Notos Evaluating Additional Wind Farm Locations

SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Green Star Alternative Energy, Inc. (Pink Sheets: GSAE) announces the acquisition of additional wind measurement systems from NRG Systems. The Company is obtaining 4 complete NRG – NOW – Symphonie structures.

These wind sensors will be provided to Notos d.o.o. and assist Green Star in further evaluating targeted wind farm locations within the Republic of Serbia and Europe. The Company's development plan includes 300 MW of installed power capacity - producing renewable, eco-friendly electricity from wind energy.

The initial region of examination will include the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, in the north of the Republic of Serbia. This area is of significant interest because it experiences some of the most constant winds in the region and offers excellent capability for wind energy generation and transmission. Nearly two-thirds of the surface area of Vojvodina AP features wind speeds exceeding 4 m/s. Greater potentials can be found in several locations: Vrsac Zrenjanin, Bela Crkva, Indjija, Irig, Sombor, and Novi Sad. The wind measurement systems will allow for additional data to be collected and provide further precision to the extensive studies that have been conducted by the national Meteorological Institute, and the University of Novi Sad, in Vojvodina.

NRG Systems is an American company based in Vermont and has served the wind energy industry for over 25 years. The 60-meter XHD NRG TallTower is a highly versatile meteorological tower designed specifically for wind resource measurements. In wind energy applications where anemometers and direction vanes are typically installed at wind turbine hub heights, the tilt-up 60m XHD heavy duty TallTower system is the best alternative to expensive, labour-intensive lattice towers. Superior design and sturdy galvanized steel tube construction make NRG TallTowers reliable in extreme conditions yet easy to transport to remote sites. Tower tube sections slide together then tilt up from the ground with a ginpole and winch. The NRG #40C anemometer is the industry standard anemometer used worldwide. A calibration certificate verifying that the sensor is traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (USA) is provided.

Miodrag Andric, President of Notos, stated: "The regional wind potential for AP Vojvodina is between 1500 and 2000 MW. These devices will help Notos and Green Star determine the best locations for future wind power projects. We are quickly moving into the expansion plan to take advantage of the abundant wind energy that exists in the region."

J. M. De Castro, CFO of Green Star Alternative Energy, commented: "Green Star is providing the Symphonie Systems for Notos' use and is committed to the relationship between the two companies. Our corporate strategy is accelerating and I am very pleased with the progress."

About Green Star Alternative Energy (GSAE.PK)
Green Star Alternative Energy, Inc. is working to develop more than 300 megawatts of clean wind energy. To drive growth and revenue Green Star is focused on the development of wind energy, the import and export of electricity, the cultivation of agriculture on its wind farms, and the supply of greenhouse gas emission credits. The company is pursuing a significant opportunity to provide clean power to the growing Republic of Serbia and neighboring European countries. With the pending acquisition of key wind farm and power trading company Notos, Green Star will become one of companies licensed to trade electrical power into and out of Serbia, the only company in Serbia able to generate and export its own wind energy, and the nation's first developer of wind power.


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