Fluidized Bed Technology

Source: Airotech Environmental, Inc.
The Fluidized Bed Scrubber (FBS) containes beds of low density spheres
Operating Principles

The Fluidized Bed Scrubber (FBS) containes beds of low density spheres. These spheres are free to fluidize between upper and lower retaining grids. Liquid is introduced by way of spray headers at the top of the unit and travels downward while the gas to be reacted travels upward, countercurrent to the liquid flow. Gas velocities and liquid flow rates are maintained so that the sphere bed fluidizes (elevates, agitates, rotates) in the gas stream. This fluidization permits high flow rates of gas and liquid through the vessel. As a result of these high flow rates, the FBS attains mass and heat transfer rates far in excess of those posssible with conventional stationary packed towers. In scrubber towers, a point is reached where the gas upflow supports liquid downflow (a condition known as flooding). This condition radically increases pressure normal operation impossible. Operational continuous operation at gas velocities ranging from 50o to 1300 FPM, with liquid flow rates up to 75 gpm/sq.ft. without flooding.


  • High absorption of soluble gases due to te exceptional transfer characteristics of the fluidized bed.
  • Effective removal of dusts, tars, oils and suspended particles without plugging or channeling.
  • High gas and liquid throughputs.
  • Low pressure drop operation.
  • Wide operating range.

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