Field Sampling Extraction Kits

Source: Wilks Enterprise Inc.
Field Sampling Extraction Kits for Use With Infracal TOG/TPH Analyzers
With Infracal TOG/TPH Analyzers
TOG in Water * TOG in Soil * TPH in Water * TPH in Soil

These kits have been specifically designed for use with the Infracal TOG/TPH Analyzers. Select the kit(s) best suited for your sampling requirements from the following chart based on the Infracal model and the solvent to be used for the extraction process.

NOTE: You will also need 15% hydrochloric acid for pH adjustment, in addition to the solvent (Freon-113, a hydrocarbon-free grade of perchloroethylene, hexane or Vertrel MCA) which are not included in the kits.

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