Datasheet | December 2, 2014

Extended Warranty Agreements

Source: Thermo Fisher Scientific

To protect your investment and plan for the future we offer extended warranty agreements, available from one to four years. Avoid financial surprises and protect your budget with a fixed-cost solution. Available at the time of instrument purchase, you have the ability to select the warranty term that best fits your needs. We also offer financial leasing at the time of your equipment purchase, that includes the option to finance your choice of extended warranty options.

Thermo Scientific™ Extended Warranty Agreements are designed to give you peace of mind and keep your equipment running strong.

  • Thermo Scientific™ iSeries Series Gas Analyzers
  • Thermo Scientific™ Industrial Hygiene Instruments
  • Thermo Scientific™ Particulate Monitors
  • Thermo Scientific™ Flow Computers
  • Thermo Scientific™ Nuclear Gauges