"ENVIRO-check" Mini Environmental Dust Monitor

Source: GRIMM Technologies, Inc.
"ENVIRO-check" Mini Environmental Dust Monitor
The Grimm 1.107 monitor performs particulate size measurements by 90-degree laser light scattering
The Grimm 1.107 monitor performs particulate size measurements by 90-degree laser light scattering. Air with multiple particle sizes passes through a flat laser beam produced by an ultra low maintenance laser diode. A 15-channel pulse height analyzer for size classification detects the scattering signals. Due to the lack of a sample heater inlet even aerosols and semi volatile liquid particles can be identified. These counts from each precisely sized pulse channel are converted to mass using a well-established equation and the data is then formatted for USA EPA categories of PM10 and PM2.5 . The user can also program several averaging functions.
The Environmental Weather Housing, Model 165, consists of a polished stainless steel frame that supports the optical instrument (# 107) on a central mounting plate. All the electronic and mechanical components, such as the moisture absorbent container, the ventilation system, the heating and control system, the temperature and humidity sensor, and the DC power supply, are mounted on the same frame to minimize vibration.

The Sampling System of Model 170M consists of our proven omni-directional sampling head inside a rain and 2 mm particle eliminator as well as a dry air mixture and a heater system, all built into a 50cm inlet tube.

Gravimetric Operation

Inside the 1.107 unit is a removable PTFE 47mm filter (in accordance to PM2.5). All sampled dust is collected on the filter and a gravimetric and/or chemical analysis may be made later. This unique combination ensures a perfect site-specific field calibration and monthly revalidation.

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