News | October 24, 2017

Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA) Selects Lightning Master Sister Company Tazman Turbinz' In-Pipe Turbine Generator (IPTG) For A Methane-Reduction Demonstration Project

Clearwater, FL In consequence to the Global Methane Initiative and increasing regulatory attention being paid to greenhouse gases, natural gas producers are seeking ways to reduce methane emissions.

Clearwater, FL (PRWEB) - With increasing regulatory attention being paid to greenhouse gases, natural gas producers are seeking ways to reduce methane emissions. At the same time, markets are putting pressure on producers to optimize the efficiency of their operations. Gas well operators are looking for solutions that accomplish a dual purpose: reduction in costs and reduction in methane emissions.

The patented In-Pipe Turbine Generator (IPTG) developed by Lightning Master’s sister company Tazman Turbinz, Inc. located in Clearwater, Florida is such a solution. The IPTG is mounted directly on the natural gas pipe at the well site. The gas flow in the pipe drives the turbines, creating a power output of up to 250 Watts. There is no gas leakage and no gas combustion, i.e. this process is 100% emissions-free. This “free” energy is employed at the gas well site to power SCADA systems, lighting, and various pumps and valves.

The IPTG is particularly useful at remote gas well sites that are off the electrical grid. The IPTG can reliably generate electricity 24 hours/day regardless of weather conditions. It operates maintenance-free and requires only minimal battery storage capacity. Thanks to the charge controller, which is installed together with the IPTG, the operator can remotely monitor performance parameters, e.g. the state of battery charge.

The Tazman Turbinz IPTG was recently selected by ERA (Emissions Reduction Alberta) for a demonstration project. ERA will provide funding toward the installation of 100 IPTG’s at remote gas wells in the province. The IPTG’s will provide power to around 700 injection pumps as well as to other equipment at these sites, which are owned and operated by a major producer of natural gas in Alberta’s Deep Basin. Installations are scheduled to begin immediately and will continue throughout 2018.

In its work on the ERA demonstration project, Tazman Turbinz will work together with ZKO Oilfield Industries, based in Calgary, Alberta. ZKO Oilfield Industries has a long history of introducing innovative products from renowned suppliers into the Canadian oil & gas industry. Mr. Zane Novak, ZKO’s founder and president, commented: “The in-pipe turbine generator represents a new technology whose time has come. With its ability to reduce both operating costs and methane emissions, I expect to see numerous applications in Western Canada beyond the ERA project. I am grateful that ERA has given us the opportunity to demonstrate this ground-breaking product.”

For further information about the In-Pipe Turbine Generator (IPTG) and about the ERA-funded application in Alberta, please contact Lightning Master at solutions(at)lightningmaster(dot)com or +1(800) 749-6800.


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