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ECR® Series Motors From Wellington - The Best Choice For Sustainability And Performance

Auckland, New Zealand /PRNewswire/ - The ECR® refrigeration motor series by Wellington Drive Technologies ("Wellington"), enhanced by the release of the industry leading ECR2TM platform in 2016, represents a step change in the refrigeration industries' cooling technology. The most technologically advanced refrigeration motor on the market was first introduced in 2007 and adopted internationally and locally in Mexico by Original Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturers such as Imbera, Criotec, Glacial, Metalfrio, and Ojeda.

An important attribute of ECR® motors is the energy saving performance they provide. ECR® motor technology allows for up to two-thirds reduction in electricity consumption, when compared to traditional induction motors, as the motor can utilise power extremely efficiently even when functioning at partial speed. Since adopting Wellington ECR® technology Mexican beverage bottlers FEMSA, Arca Continental, Bepensa, Rica, Nayar, Colima, Del Fuerte and Nogales have saved over 2,200 GWh*, or the equivalent of a year's power consumption for the state of Zacatecas. This delivers significant cost savings for the customer and meaningful gains in industry sustainability.

Other benefits of ECR® motor technology include:

  • ECR(R) motors generate less heat, which helps reduce waste heat produced by the cooling system and minimizes the use of the refrigeration compressor. Based on the installed base in Mexico from 2007 to 2018, this has delivered an estimated reduction of 1.02 million tonnes1 of carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere.
  • A reduction in energy bills for retailers and store owners.
  • Designed to have low noise emissions and longer life (tested at 10 years) compared to shaded pole motors.

*Based on the difference between the efficiency of an ECR motor in comparison to Shaded pole (29.45W savings per motor)
1 Based on a total of 2,225GWh of energy savings over the period 2007 -- 2018 multiplied by a Mexico electricity emission factor of 0.4570** kg CO2e/kWh -- ** source -

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About Wellington Drive Technologies
Wellington is a leading global provider of IoT solutions, cloud-based fleet management platforms, energy-efficient electronic motors and connected refrigeration control solutions for the retail food and beverage markets. Through its iProximity brand in Australia it provides proximity-based marketing for Smart Cities. Wellington's Connect IoT products, iProximity digital marketing solutions, and ECR motors serve some of the world's leading food and beverage brands as well as refrigerator manufacturers with advanced products and solutions that improve product sales, decrease operating costs and reduce energy consumption. Wellington is headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand, and is listed on the New Zealand stock exchange under the ticker symbol NZ:WDT

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