News | June 11, 2014

E Instruments Now Offering Emissions Analyzers For NOx Detection

E Instruments is now offering Simple, Total, and True NOx (Nitrogen Oxides) detectors for summer 2014. NOx refers to a group of highly reactive gases. Each gas contains nitrogen and oxygen in several different amounts and configurations. Most are colorless and odorless, but particles including nitrogen dioxide or NO2 produce a reddish-brown layer of smog over high population areas. NOx gases form as a byproduct of combustion processes such as the use of motor vehicles, electric utilities, and various residential, commercial, and industrial systems. E Instruments has several emissions analyzers available this month to accomplish NOx measurements.

The E4400 Portable Emissions Analyzer will measure Simple NOx or NO (nitric oxide) with a gas sensor. The user can then determine the NO to NO2 ratio based on combustion fuel and process and calculate the NOx using the NO measurement and assumed NO:NO2 ratio.

The E5500 Portable Industrial Emissions Analyzer is intended for measuring Total NOx in industrial settings more accurately than the E4400. This analyzer provides actual measurements by directly measuring NO and NO2 with gas sensors, eliminating the need for an assumed NO:NO2 ratio. Total NOx is the sum of measured NO and measured NO2.

To measure True NOx, choose the E8500 Portable Industrial Emissions Analyzer. NOx gases are water soluble, which means they can build up condensation allowing NO2 to bubble from gas to condensate. The E8500 will prevent this problem. It uses an internal thermoelectric chiller that quickly dries flue gas to avoid dilution of NO2 and allows the user to collect an accurate flue gas sample.

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SOURCE: E Instruments