Dust Mite Kit

Source: Air Quality Sciences, Inc.
Dust Mite Kit
Results will indicate whether or not dust mite allergens are present
Molds and allergens in buildings present an increased risk for allergic reaction and asthma. Approximately 15 million Americans are affected by asthma, and it is the most chronic disease among children, resulting in more than 400 deaths per year. Dust Mites are one of the most common allergens and are frequently found in homes, schools, and office buildings. They are tiny bugs, about 1/100th of an inch, smaller than the period of this sentence. Medical studies have shown that elevated dust mites lead to excess allergies and can trigger asthma attacks. Control of dust mites is an important step in protecting the health of adults and children.

How do I know if I should test?

  • Person within the home or building suffers from allergies or asthma
  • Your healthcare provider has found you to be allergic to dust mites
  • Unexplained eye, nose, throat irritation, headaches or chronic runny noses exist
  • Environment has musty odor or excessive humidity
  • Relative humidity in environment frequently exceeds 65%
  • Environment is excessively dusty

    How is the test conducted?

    The test kit will provide you with a special dust collection bag, which fits your normal vacuum cleaner. Settled dust is collected from suspect areas such as textile flooring, bedding (mattresses and pillows), and upholstered furniture. An area where the human body comes into contact with fleecy surfaces is a frequent location of dust mite allergens. In airplanes and office building, seats and office chairs are common sources. In homes, bedding and textile flooring are common locations. The collected dust is sent back to AQS where a complete analysis is conducted in AQS' AIHA accredited microbiology laboratory.

    What type of report will I receive?

    After the dust is analyzed for dust mite allergens, a simple to read test report will be supplied indicating if dust mite allergens are found and if so, their level. The results will be graphically compared to existing recommended levels.

    What are the benefits of the IAQ Dust Mite Test Kit?

    • Easy to use, self-administered kit with return envelope
    • Simple to use with a standard vacuum cleaner
    • Results will indicate whether or not dust mite allergens are present
    • An easy to read report will let you know if there is a risk
    • Results will alert you of the need to clean or adjust your environment to reduce risk
    • Information is available for your healthcare provider to assist in reducing or eliminating your symptoms
    • All shipping and packaging included in the price.

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