Dust Control Agent

Source: Pennzoil Products Company
Pennzsuppress D is a dust control agent for the treatment of road aggregate
Pennzoil Products Companyany%> D is a dust control agent for the treatment of road aggregate. In concentrate form, it is intended for dilution with water for application to roads and other environments where airborne dust is undesirable. The product is typically applied in a 4:1 dilution.

The product is said to be effective in stabilizing road base aggregate materials, reducing soil erosion and protecting vegetation from blowing dust and sand. It contains binding agents to hold soil particles together and prevent them from being dispersed into the air. It is formulated with a blend of wetting agents, emulsifiers, and dispersants to allow for penetration of the binding agents into the soil, emulsification with water and increased spreading power of the diluted mixture.

The agent contains no asphalt or solvent. The binding agents are non-volatile. Pennzoil Products Companyany%>, 700 Milam, Houston, TX 77002. Tel: 800-424-3907.