Standardization, Data Logging, and Communication Module
Standardization, Data Logging, and Communication Module

The DryCal NEXUS standardization, data logging, and communication module expands the power and versatility of the DryCal DC-Lite primary air flow meter. When used with a DryCal DC-Lite for flow calibration, NEXUS provides time and date stamping, pump, employee and sample ID numbers and volumetric flow rate readings. In order to make monitoring and recording flow stability easier, readings can also be taken at user-defined time intervals. Optionally, the NEXUS NS can provide flow rate readings corrected for standardized temperature and pressure.

NEXUS allows the user to print or export data immediately or save in non-volatile memory. The data storage capability allows employee sample records to be stored in the unit's memory. The records can be conveniently downloaded through a serial port or printed via a parallel port at a later time.

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