Drilled Shaft & Borehole Caliper Services

Source: R&R Visual, Inc.
The New Industry Standard For Submerged Bores
R&R Visual, Inc. is proud to introduce yet another revolutionary inspection service for the construction industry. Destine to change the way drilled shafts are inspected, sonar profiling gives the customer a full 360-degree view. Data is then compiled to provide a 3 dimensional view of the borehole or shaft in an easy to read report. With the elevated standards of R&R Visual, each inspection is carried through from start to finish, by a trained team of professionals. R&R Visual is sure to fulfill all your subsurface inspection needs.
  • Full 360 degree radial view
  • Checks verticality of shaft
  • Depths of up to 3000 feet
  • Detection up to 3mm accuracy
  • Profiling of 14" to 1800" diameter
  • Highly portable for remote setup
  • Live, On-site 3D model of shaft
  • 3 dimensional reports in AutoCAD
  • Reports turnaround within 72 hours
  • Data available live on site
  • Ensure rock stability before concrete is poured
  • Acquire data prior to load testing
  • Worldwide Service - Quick Response

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