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Douglas Products To Lead On Climate Smart Fumigation With Commitment To Reduce Sulfuryl Fluoride Emissions By 50% By 2035

Liberty, MO /PRNewswire/ - Douglas Products (DP), the manufacturer behind leading brands Vikane ® and ProFume ®, announces its initiative to enhance fumigation tool technology while significantly reducing environmental impacts. As part of its commitment to sustainable pest management, DP pledges to cut global post-fumigation emissions from Sulfuryl Fluoride (SF) by 50% by 2035, ensuring the continued protection of people, food, and property without compromising environmental integrity.

Fumigation is an essential tool to protect people, food, and property
Sustainable pest management protects residential and commercial properties, ensures the safety of the world's food supply, and preserves public health and biosecurity by combatting harmful insects such as termites, bedbugs, and wood-destroying beetles.

Fumigation with SF, manufactured under the brand names Vikane and ProFume by Douglas Products (DP), is often faster and more effective than alternative treatments in addressing destructive pest issues, it leaves little to no residue behind and has no adverse effects on food commodities or property. For many common pest control issues, there is currently no technologically feasible alternative that works as effectively and efficiently. Comprehensive regulatory frameworks are in place, which ensure the proper use of SF.

All Fumigants have environmental impact potential
Reactive gases like SF do impact our environment. It is not surprising that higher levels of emissions are detected in areas of significant use. While the scale of SF's contribution to climate change is small, the severity of the global climate crisis necessitates emissions reductions from all sources, including from fumigants. Since SF cannot currently be replaced without sacrificing the very real public health, safety, and economic benefits it provides, the emissions of SF should be reduced in the medium term through additional stewardship measures and technology innovations. Douglas Products recognizes this is the most sustainable way forward for our customers and for the environment.

"There is no 'one-size-fits-all' solution. Different applications of SF will require different technology solutions and adaptions," says Heather Kern, VP Global Marketing of Douglas Products. "DP has already conducted customer and stakeholder surveys, and invested in industry leading research and development, to identify key challenges and practical solutions. While the speed of introduction of effective solutions will vary across use cases, we are committed to continuing to work with regulators and industry across the world to provide critical pest control services in a climate smart way."

Douglas Products commits to continuing to provide the best and most effective fumigation tools while significantly reducing SF emissions.

Douglas Products strives to optimize fumigation technology while reducing environmental impacts from associated emissions. DP is committed to being an industry leader in low-emission fumigation technologies (Climate Smart Fumigation).

  • DP is already evaluating various technology options and partnerships.
  • DP commits to increase its investment and accelerate its work on stewardship technologies with the goal of achieving a 50% reduction in global post-fumigation emissions from its SF based products from current levels by 2035.
  • DP's Board of Directors takes responsibility for managing this target.

"'Climate Smart Fumigation' will be at the core of our business strategy moving forward," says Andrew Klein, CEO of Douglas Products. "This is a clear signal that we are taking a leadership role within our industry in the fight for a sustainable future, while continuing to provide proven solutions, expertise and support to protect people, food, and property."

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