Dissolved O2 Analyzer

Water Online Product Release The EXA DO400 Dissolved oxygen (DO) analyzer system was developed ...
The EXA DO400 Dissolved oxygen (DO) analyzer system was developed to water quality in municipal water/wastewater treatment plants, as well as other processes requiring precise measurement of O2 in process liquids. The system features a microprocessor-based DO400 converter/transmitter and a PB30 floating ball probe that is said to provide fast response, long-term stability and low maintenance costs in monitoring applications from activated sludge to river water intake. The instrument is said to offer reliable measurement through built-in compensation for temperature, barometric pressure, and salinity levels, plus built-in air and saturated water calibration. Wide rangeability makes the unit suitable for aerobic and anaerobic processes. The unit incorporates on-line sensor diagnostics to ensure signal integrity and to monitor faulty readings, cabling errors and measuring loop disturbances. A simple YES/NO programming panel simplifies setup and respanning. Its PB30 floating-ball sensor resists buildup and requires only periodic cleaning and calibration.

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