Disc Pump

Source: Discflo Corporation
Disc Pump
The disc pump helps eliminate clogging, excessive wear, and
The disc pump helps eliminate clogging, excessive wear, and product damage. It has no impingement device to damage shear-sensitive products. Its patented pumping system creates a boundary layer of fluid protection that separates the pump from the fluid, helping to eliminate wear and shear.

The heart of this pump is the Discpac, a series of rotating parallel discs. A boundary layer of fluid collects on, and rotates with, the discs. It creates a protective buffer that separates the fluid from the pump. The boundary layer attracts and drags successive layers of fluid into layered flows of parallel streams. This "viscous drag" pulls the fluid through the pump without impingement into a smooth laminar flow.

There is no metal-to-metal wear in the pump and it has no close tolerances and no radial load. These pumps are engineered products and can be designed to meet flow rates from 2-10,000 GPM (22.6-2250m³/h) and discharge pressures to 1000 ft. Many models are manufactured, such as submersibles, close-coupled, sanitary, models, sump, cantilevered, and a variety of others including ANSI and API-610 standard models. An extensive list of metallic and non-metallic materials of construction is available for the pump and its components.

Major applications for the pump include chemical, oil and petroleum industries, pulp and paper manufacture, wastewater treatment and disposal, and food processing and sugar manufacture. For wastewater applications, the pump treats the following types of fluids:

•Viscous and high solids fluids: all types of municipal and industrial waste sludge and sewage
•Abrasive fluids: lime sludge, waste from mining, sand slurries with up to 80% solids
•Air or gas-entrained fluids: DAF sludge and other types of anaerobic sludge
•Large and/or stringy solids: by widening the spacing between the discs in the Discpac, solids up to 20 in. [50mm] can be pumped

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