Deck Machinery and Steering Systems

Source: Hyde Marine Inc.

Deck Machinery and Steering Systems
Hyde is a supplier of equipment and services to the Marine
Hyde is a supplier of equipment and services to the Marine market, particularly on the U.S. Great Lakes. The company produces and sells all types of deck machinery and steering systems and specializes in meeting the needs of the Great Lakes marine industry with the Hyde automatic constant tension mooring winch, Oldman universal mooring chocks, and the Schilling high maneuverability rudder. The company is also the US agent for Porsgrunn Rotary Vane Steering systems and other equipment from leading European and Far East suppliers. They design and produce marine electronic equipment through their subsidiary, Hyde Marine Systems, including Hyde Rudder Roll Stabilization Systems and the controllers for the "Heel Away" List Control System, which is marketed by Flume Stabilization Systems.

They can provide replacement parts for all of their machinery built since 1895. These replacement parts are manufactured from the original drawings and patterns to ensure that customers are receiving the correct part for their machine. All replacement parts are inspected by Hyde's Quality Control Department to guarantee the parts meet the original machining and material specifications.

Experienced service engineers are available to service all Hyde equipment as well as equipment manufactured by other companies. They can provide machinery overhaul and rebuild services for all Hyde machinery. They can overhaul the entire machine or rebuild components. The overhaul can be performed onboard the ship under the supervision of a Hyde service engineer, or can be performed at Hyde's factory.

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