Custom Air Handling

Source: Munters Corporation - DH Division
Munters Integrated Custom Air Handler combines a superior custom air handler with expertise in applying desiccant technology...

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Brochure: Integrated Custom Air Handling

With the introduction of the Integrated Custom Air Handler (ICA) line, Munters continues to be the only company in the Americas to develop and build the desiccant rotors that are the heart of an integrated desiccant air handling system. Unlike other HVAC components, the desiccant rotor requires significant experience to be applied correctly. Issues such as methods of humidity control, energy consumption and desiccant selection are critical to insure that you will be provided with the best solution for your specific application.

You Benefit from Advanced Design:

With the ICA line, Munters now offers the flexibility and integrity of a custom product; the convenience and value of a pre-configured system backed by the support and capabilities of the world's largest manufacturer of desiccant dehumidifiers. The new design offers unusual flexibility in configuring your system as well as a comprehensive choice of component options. It features double-wall construction, enclosed insulation, easily removed panels, state-of-the-art components, a choice of interior surfaces and finishes, and advanced controls. It may be shipped skid-mounted and fully operational or in modules for quick assembly on the job site.

Configurations to Meet Your Needs:

Standard ICA configurations of air flow and dehumidifier positions provide the flexibility to accommodate most arrangements. Ten dehumidifier sizes and seven desiccant types provide a fast solution to most dehumidification problems. Unique situations can be addressed with special configuration capabilities through 100,000 scfm.

Turnkey System:

ICA configurations are full-featured, factory-built air treatment systems which can include: chilled water piping, refrigeration packages, filtration, full temperature and humidity controls, face and bypass, and energy recovery options.

UL Compliant:

Manufactured to ISO 9001 Certification standards, the ICA is NRTL approved to UL standards. Beyond this, you will have the confidence of knowing that your ICA has been built by a company that has manufactured more than 20,000 dehumidification systems during the past 60 years. With experience in hundreds of demanding manufacturing environments, Munters dehumidification systems have demonstrated unparalleled dependability and performance.

Maximum Performance:

An ICA from Munters can hold conditions as rigorous as -70oF dew point with dependability. ICA components are integrated to achieve maximum performance from the dehumidification system. No system built on site will match the advanced engineered engineering of the Munters ICA.

Reduced Installation Cost:

The sole source ICA concept can save thousands of dollars by reducing coordination problems on site because the system arrives factory-tested and ready to run, requiring only the installation and connection to ductwork and utilities.

Easy to Clean, Sanitary Operation:

FDA or GMP sanitation requirements are easily complied with in pharmaceutical and food process manufacturing applications. Sweating is prevented by a no-through-metal design that eliminates thermal bridges, and all of the system's interior surfaces can be readily washed.

All Components are Standard:

A full line of proven air handling components and accessories are available to complete your system requirements.

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Brochure: Integrated Custom Air Handling