Computer Modeling and Data Management

Source: RDG Geoscience & Engineering, Inc.
RDG staff offer experience in state-of the art computer modeling and analysis methods for evaluation of hydrologic and physical systems

RDG staff offer experience in state-of the art computer modeling and analysis methods for evaluation of hydrologic and physical systems.   This includes experience with ground-water system, surface water systems, and air dispersion.  RDG is also currently involved with the development of applications software for environmental data management.  

  Ground Water Systems

RDG staff offer a high level of expertise in the simulation of ground-water flow and solute transport. Computer modeling of ground water systems is often used to locate monitoring wells, to design cleanup systems, and for human health risk assessments. A properly developed computer model can significantly reduce our clients cost by minimizing monitoring and shortening remediation cleanup times.

RDG's staff are not just experienced with modeling that involves pointing and clicking with windowing software. Our staff is experienced with the development of modeling codes and algorithms and have university level training in numerical methods and physical processes that are required for any real ground water modeling effort.  RDG offers computer modeling experience in the following areas.

  • Numerical finite difference and finite element modeling
  • Analytic element modeling
  • Contaminant migration and degradation in the vadose zone
  • Migration and remediation of non-aqueous phase liquids
  • Ground water - surface water interactions
  • Leachate generation from solid waste landfills
  • Soil-vapor movement and vapor extraction system design
  • Human health risk assessment

Models that RDG applies include:

  • Visual MODLOW® - Ground Water Flow
  • MT3D96 - Contaminant Fate and Transport
  • Visual Groundwater® - Subsurface Imaging and Animation
  • NAPL Simulator
  • SUTRA - Variably Saturated Groundwater Flow and Transport
  • WHPA - Wellhead Protection Areas
  • QuickFlow® - Analytic Element Modeling
  • HELP - Landfill Leachate Generation
  • GEOEAS - 2-D Geostatistical Simulation
  • GSLIB - 3-D Geostatistical Simulation

Surface Water Systems and Drainage

RDG staff are experienced with the use of computer models for analysis and engineering design of drainage and surface water systems. Modeling of drainage and surface water systems can be used for preparation of storm water permits, in association with land development design, or to analyze potential environmental impacts of development areas. RDG offers computer modeling experience in the following areas.

  • Urban and rural storm water runoff quality and quantity
  • Open channel design design engineering
  • Sediment scour and deposition

Models that RDG applies include:

  • HEC HMS - Hydrology, Flow, and Routing
  • HEC RAS - Flow Profile and Scour Modeling
  • HEC 6 - Sediment Scour and Deposition Analysis
  • SWMM - Stormwater Runoff Analysis
  • StormCAD® - Stormwater Runoff Analysis and Design

Air Dispersion Modeling

  • ISCT3 - Industrial Source Release Modeling
  • TSCREEN - Screening of Releases of Toxic Substances
  • Landfill Air Emissions Estimation Model
  • TANKS - EPA Storage Tanks Emissions

Environmental Compliance and Management

  • RMP*Submit®
  • RMP*Comp®
  • ATRS (EPA Automated TRI Reporting Software)
  • FIRE (Factor Information Retrieval Database)

Computer Imaging

The use of two- and three-dimensional imaging of the subsurface and air transport is becoming more and more important in support of environmental and engineering projects. For this reason, RDG has recently invested in top-of-the-line software that allows for the creation of three-dimensional and animated images of the subsurface and the atmosphere from traditional methods (such are boreholes) combined with other methods such as geophysical measurements or computer modeling.

Internet Access to Project Data

RDG provides our clients the opportunity to access data for their site over the internet via a secured connection.  Types of data that our clients can have immediate access to include photographs, up-to-date status reports, monitoring data, and remediation data.  Contact RDG to have this feature set up to your project today! 


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