Comprehensive Controls

Source: Carbonair Environmental Systems
Comprehensive Controls comprises in-house electrical engineers, programmers, technicians and process control instrumentation experts with many years of experience.
Comprehensive Controls is Carbonair's peerless in-house controls division.

We say that because no other firm in our business can match our knowledge of process requirements with controls expertise. Comprehensive Controls comprises in-house electrical engineers, programmers, technicians and process control instrumentation experts with many years of experience. This means you will receive a controls package that is ideally matched to your project's requirements.

Application Expertise
For nearly twenty years we have been providing control panels and systems to industrial, municipal and government end-users in a wide range of applications, including:

  • Contaminated groundwater pumping and treatment
  • Soil vapor extraction and treatment
  • Air sparging systems
  • Water intake and booster pumping stations
  • Water filtration/filter consoles and treatment
  • Waste and storm water pumping stations
  • Wastewater treatment plant automation
  • ...and related water processes.
Every control system we furnish is engineered to be flexible and expandable. Whether you choose relay and timer-based logic or any of the major manufacturer programmable logic controllers we are familiar with, your system can grow as your needs change.

Control Systems for Every Need
Whether you are looking for a small motor control panel or a computer-based supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system, we have a control solution for you. We furnish a broad range of control panels and systems, including:

  • Motor control panels (with and without power equipment)
  • Motor control centers (MCCs)
  • Variable speed drives and control systems
  • Electromechanical relay/timer-based control panels
  • Programmable controller-based panels and systems (with and without operator interface devices)
  • Telemetry systems (radio, phone line, Internet)
  • Computer-based SCADA systems
  • Turnkey control and instrumentation packages
Quality Materials and Workmanship
Check out all of the standard features in the panel shown here. We believe you will see the quality difference in Comprehensive Controls.
Housed in rugged enclosures of suitable material and NEMA type, the control systems meet all specified job requirements, National Electric Code requirements as well as applicable industry and government standards. A long list of control system options are available, including:
  • UL labeling
  • Hazardous area circuit extensions
  • Instrumentation packages
  • Alarm dialers and data loggers
  • Power equipment (service entrance rated disconnect switches, motor starting equipment, panelboards/load centers, variable frequency drives)
  • Enclosures of various materials (stainless steel, fiberglass, aluminum), NEMA designations (3, 4X, 12, etc.) and mounting methods (freestanding, wall mount, etc.).
Advanced Capabilities
Our advanced control capabilities set us apart from our peers. Comprehensive Control systems are available with major manufacturer programmable logic controllers (PLCs), operator interface options from displays with keypads to touch screens and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems.

A variety of communication options can be incorporated into our control systems. For example, alarms can be reported as a voice message, or data can be sent to a pager, computer, fax machine or an e-mail address on the Internet.

In addition to reporting alarms, comprehensive site monitoring and remote control can be provided by remote control and monitoring (RCAM) software package. Supported communication mediums include dial-up telephone line, dedicated phone line, cellular phone, radios of all types, fiber optic and hardwire cable.