News | May 14, 2014

Clean Fuel Additive Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions; Aeon Renewables Reveal HydroBlaze

In the wake of U.S. government reports stressing the reality of climate change due to human activity, the demand for technology that can effectively reduce Greenhouse gas emissions is at an all-time high. Aeon Renewables Corporation has demonstrated a fuel additive that can effectively reduce key Greenhouse Gas emissions including Carbon Monoxide and Hydrocarbons.

Oakland, CA (PRWEB) - Aeon Renewables Corporation (ARC) has revealed a fuel additive, HydroBlaze, capable of reducing harmful Greenhouse gas emissions by up to 19%. ARC employed a simple before and after smog check on a light-duty truck to demonstrate the emission reduction effect of the clean fuel additive.

“We found a truck that was labeled a ‘gross polluter’. Our job was to see if we could make it cleaner with HydroBlaze,” explains Peter Park, one of the inventors of the fuel additive and technical director of ARC.

The truck was evaluated for its smog emissions level before the fuel additive was applied. HydroBlaze was then applied and the truck was driven for 18 miles before the second smog evaluation took place.

The Carbon Monoxide emissions level at low speed showed an overall 18.7% reduction in emissions. At high speed, the Carbon Monoxide levels were reduced by 8.0%. The Hydrocarbon emissions level at low speed showed an overall 19.5% reduction in emissions. At high speed, the emission levels were cut by 14.2% reduction.

“As can be seen by this test, through the one time application of HydroBlaze, this ‘gross polluter’ was able to see reductions of up to 19% reduction in harmful emissions within 18 miles of driving,” says Peter.

HydoBlaze is a sustainable fuel made from renewable and non-toxic material. HydroBlaze has been shown to increase the thermodynamic efficiency of a combustible energy system. A bomb calorimeter test determined the heating value of HydroBlaze to be 10,600 BTU of energy per pound.

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About Aeon Renewables Corporation 
Aeon Renewables Corporation is an American company committed to the Research and Development of safe, efficient and renewable alternative energy. ARC is determined in its goals to provide a clean, economical and powerful energy source towards the formation of a worldwide environmentally-friendly and sustainable fuel economy.

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