Clean Air Modules

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Clean Air Modules
Clean Air Act / Title V Compliance

The Clean Air Act (CAA) Amendments of 1990 is intended to curb three major threats to the nation's environment and health: acid rain, urban air pollution and toxic air emissions. To this end, facilities are charged with the responsibility of closely monitoring their air emissions and show that they fall within established pollutant limits. To help facilities comply with the Title V requirements, MIRS offers a comprehensive and versatile solution with the following modules:

AIR stand-alone module

  • Supports permit application: tracks source inventory and what-if scenarios
  • Tracks emissions by several levels of detail: permit, source, materials, pollutant, and by agency list (Hazardous Air Pollutants, etc.)
  • Accommodates emissions calculation by material usage and calculates emissions with optional pollutant limit reporting
  • Data operation flexibility: manages usage or emissions inventory by hour, day, month, quarter or year, with direct entry or data import; each emission source can be described by the list of pollutants, the usage or production basis and the associated emission factor
  • Emissions data input flexibility: emissions data can be entered directly, computed from emission factors based on material (mixture) usage or production, factored as a weight percentage of the chemical, or imported from an external source
  • Produces various emissions reports: reports associating emissions data with air pollutants, emission points, permits and pollutant limits; reports for the Hazardous Air Pollutants, Form R or any other agency chemical list of your choice
  • Integrates with other MIRS modules: integrates with SARA for material and chemical component information, with CLE for reporting by agency lists, including HAP, with PERMIT for permit tracking, and FORM R for TRI reporting.

The SARA module is recommended to combine with the AIR module for full functions on CAA compliance management.

CLE (Chemical List Extension) add-on module required for full function of AIR module

  • Greatly expands the SARA module chemical database for identifying and cross-checking multiple agency lists: the 15,000-chemical strong database covers over 40 regulatory lists (CAA HAPs, CAA Ozone-Depleting Substances, CAA Section 112(r) Chemicals, NESHAPs, CA Toxic Air Contaminants, CA "Hot Spots" Chemicals, CA South Coast Air Quality Tables, NC Toxic Air Pollutants, SC Toxic Air Pollutants, WI Reportable Air Contaminants, EPA AFS Air Pollutants, User-defined VOCs, CWA, TSCA, ODC, NJ, PA, MI, CA, incl. Prop 65, etc.)
  • Quick payback: save considerable data entry time for chemicals already in the database

PERMIT stand-alone module
  • Organizer for permit compliance activities and information including scope, status, monitoring and reporting specifications; tracks critical dates for follow-up and renewal
  • Produces reports for upcoming events
  • Automatically alerts user of renewal deadlines

MIRS offers flexible, modular software solutions for SARA, TRI, CAA, CWA, RCRA and DOT waste handling, MSDS management and OSHA Hazard Communication.

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