CLD 700 EL ht Chemiluminescence Analyzer


CLD 700 EL ht Chemiluminescence Analyzer
The CLD 700 EL ht two-channel nitrogen oxide analyzer is the Rolls-Royce model in our product range
The CLD 700 EL ht two-channel nitrogen oxide analyzer is the Rolls-Royce model in our product range. It can measure hot, moist sample gas directly from the source and displays the precise NO, NOx and NO2 values.

A hot subject.
Thanks to the unique < hot="" tubing="">>, hot gas can be fed to the CLD 700 EL ht directly from the source. Immediately downsteam of the hot tubing, the sample gas pressure is reduced to below atmospheric pressure, ensuring that no condensation takes place within the instrument. As a result no damage or inaccuracies occur due to the water vapour in the sample gas. In most applications it is not necessary to use the otherwise customary sample gas cooler.

The El ht possesses two parallel reactions chambers which permit simultaneous measurement and display of NO, NOx as well as NO2. Pressure variations which occur in the sample flow are regulated by a refined, motorized bypass system. The remaining error is compensated for digitally.

By virtue of its measurement performance and technical capabilities, this analyzer satisfies the highest standards whilst leaving nothing to be desired in terms of ease of maintenance.

Ease of operation.
The user can operate the analyzer by means of the built-in keyboard or through a PC. He is led through the relevant procedure by means of a simple menu structure. The choice of options extends from setting parameters for automatic operation to the switching on and off of individual modules. Error messages appear in full text rather than as a code reference.

Application examples.

Motor vehicle and accessories industry
Marine engine manufacturing
Research and development
Metal processing industry
Commerical testing and measurement services

This high-performance analyzer can be used either as stand-alone measurement station or can be integrated into other systems. In brief: wherever it is necessary to measure hot gas directly at the source.

For example, this measurement technique has already been prescribed for the motor industry. In addition, regulations for control and operating procedures have been issued for this industry (the AK protocol agreement). We can supply appropriate firmware.

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