CLD 70 E Chemiluminescence Analyzer

CLD 70 E Chemiluminescence Analyzer
The CLD 70 E nitrogen oxide analyzer represents the simplest concept in our product range
The CLD 70 E nitrogen oxide analyzer represents the simplest concept in our product range. It has four user-defined measuring ranges from 0-5 to 0-500 ppm and a response time of less than 1 second. The minimum detectable concentration is 0.02 ppm making this instrument ideal for low level NOx measurements for both CEMS and stack testing applications.

Simple yet effective.
Despite its simple construction, there has been no relaxation of the customary high ECO PHYSICS standards. Thus, for example, it has a temperature-stabilized photomultiplier and proven, high-efficiency ozone generator.

The construction is of a modular nature and as a result the instrument is very easy to maintain. The reaction chamber can be very quickly removed for cleaning or replacement and, as with all our instruments, the electronics panel can be folded out for ease of access.

Trouble-free operation.
The CLD 70 E can be operated by use of the built-in keyboard, but also, as an option, through a PC. By means of very simple commands, the user can make use of numerous options for modifying the test procedure. The learning period is therefore minimal.

Application examples.
Serial testing and quality inspections as, for example, in connection with:
Exhaust gas tests
Boiler and burner manufacturing
Incinerator control
Power stations
Process control

The CLD 70 E nitrogen oxides analyzer offers valuable service in any situation where the continuous monitoring of limiting values or quality inspection is required. For example, hundreds of CLD 70 E's are already in use in the USA for automobile exhaust-gas testing.

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