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Cimarron Announces Strategic Partnership With JATCO To Offer All-In-One Solution For BTEX And Emissions Control

Emissions from glycol regenerators contain harmful VOCs. By partnering with JATCO, Cimarron is now offering both natural and forced-draft types of heat exchangers coupled with high efficiency combustors to capture and destruct these VOCs.

Houston, TX (PRWEB) - Cimarron, Inc. (“Cimarron”), a leading provider of environmental control and process equipment for the energy and biogas industries, and JATCO, Inc. (“JATCO”), a manufacturer of BTEX environmental solutions for the oil and gas production and transportation industries, announced today that they have established a strategic partnership to offer an all-in-one solution for BTEX and emissions control. The partnership will enable both companies to leverage their respective strengths and expertise in providing cost-effective, reliable, and innovative solutions that recovers methane back to the value stream.

“We are excited to partner with JATCO, a company that shares our vision of creating a cleaner environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions for all industries, worldwide,” said Jeff Foster, CEO of Cimarron. “By offering a one-stop shop, customers benefit with a best-in-class solutions, JATCO’s BTEX systems with Cimarron’s EPA-certified combustors, for their environmental control needs.”

Cimarron’s suite of proprietary environmental technologies and engineered solutions includes an expanded portfolio of highly efficient EPA certified enclosed combustors, flares and vapor recovery systems, as well as innovative automation real-time monitoring solution from our Sytelink360™ portfolio, ARC™, DRE-Max™ & NOVENT™, which is designed to capture and destroy greenhouse gas emissions, including methane, NOX, SOX and VOC’s. Cimarron also offers glycol dehydration units to reduce the water content of natural gas prior to transport or further processing, as well as field services to train personnel and maintain the dehydration equipment.

JATCO’s products include environmental tanks, air-cooled A-Frame and Vertical Panel BTEX Condensing Systems, and Shell and Tube BTEX Condensing Systems, which are used to capture and recycle BTEX and VOC vapors from the dehydrator still column.

Together, Cimarron and JATCO offers environmental solutions for the energy industry that helps customers achieve their net zero emissions and sustainability goals while optimizing their hydrocarbon production, transportation, processing, and storage. By utilizing Cimarron’s EPA approved combustors to destroy residual VOCs and Greenhouse Gases from JATCO’s condensing systems, customers get a safe and cost-effective solution to reduce harmful emissions by 98%+ DRE.

“At JATCO we are not environmental activists, we are active environmentalists on behalf of our important industry and customers. Our solutions include cost-effective, reliable equipment designed to prevent soil, water, and atmospheric pollution,” said Scott Hill, President of JATCO. “We are thrilled to join forces with Cimarron, a company that has decades of product history, innovation, and regulatory endorsements in the environmental control space. Together, we will deliver unparalleled value and performance to our customers and the communities we serve.”

The partnership is expected to be operational by the end of Q2 2023. For more information about Cimarron and JATCO’s products and services, please visit and respectively.

About Cimarron
Cimarron is a Houston, TX-based leading provider of environmental, production, process and data solutions for the energy and biogas industries. Cimarron’s vision is to create a cleaner environment for their customers and their shareholders, as well as the communities they serve. Cimarron engineers and manufactures solutions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, recover valuable hydrocarbons, optimize operational efficiency, and provide actionable intelligence. Cimarron manufactures high quality equipment safely and efficiently from facilities in Newcastle, OK, Marlow, OK, Midland, TX, Evans, CO, Wheat Ridge, CO and Belpre, OH and provides a broad range of aftermarket services to its customers. For more information on Cimarron, please visit

JATCO is an Oklahoma City, OK-based leading provider of environmental protection solutions for the oil and gas industry, specializing in atmospheric, soil, and water pollution control systems, such as their Environmental Tanks, air-cooled A-Frame and Vertical Panel BTEX Systems, and Shell and Tube BTEX Systems. Since its inception in 1988, JATCO has been committed to safeguarding the environment and developing innovative products that minimize emissions and reduce the environmental impact of the energy sector. For more information on JATCO, please visit

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