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Celonis Helps Archroma To Quantify Scope 3 CO2 Emissions With The Aim Of Reducing Them And Realizing Efficiency Savings

Celonis selected by global specialty chemicals provider Archroma for its data-driven, intelligent process optimization platform tailored for supply chain processes

New York, NY and Munich /PRNewswire/ - CELOSPHERE 2022 - Celonis, the global leader in execution management, today announced that it is enabling its customer Archroma, a leading provider of specialty chemicals, to quantify the carbon emissions of more than 150,000 shipments in a pilot project for road transports and explore opportunities to reduce the emissions of potentially up to 6% by developing the methodology on process and data insights, including:

  • Automated integration of data sources for a single source of truth
  • Real-time detection and quantification of key emission drivers
  • Transparency on opportunities to reduce emissions with systematic, targeted automations & persona-focused recommendations

In less than 12 months, the companies were able to map the carbon footprint of Archroma's global shipping network and identify the major drivers. With the Celonis Execution Management System (EMS), Archroma now has a performance baseline for outbound shipping emissions, insights into delivery processes, and real-time guidance on the most appropriate shipment routes.

"Archroma is committed to leading our industry towards a more sustainable future for our customers and markets," said Danielle Blomert, Chief Sustainability Officer at Archroma. "By embedding the Celonis EMS into our daily order-to-cash operations, we have gained full transparency of our shipping processes, and can also help our customers make more sustainable choices when it comes to selecting products and shipping routes."

"The need to operationalize sustainability targets is imperative in the larger fight against climate change, said Janina Bauer, Global Director of Sustainability at Celonis. "Organizations are realizing they need to embed sustainability into their core processes and practices, but few companies have access to the right information at the right time enabling them to take action and improve their sustainability performance. We're not only honored to support Archroma on its sustainability journey, and help improve their green line by providing them with more visibility into their processes, but to see the positive ripple effects among their customers as well."

The Celonis Execution Management System enables Archroma to perform at levels never thought possible

In-line with its commitment to reduce emissions, Archroma receives a growing number of customer inquiries about the carbon footprint of its products. The company proactively engaged Celonis to help understand the CO2 emissions per product per kilogram throughout the shipping cycle, from its warehouse to the customers' gate. As a result, Celonis and Archroma started a co-innovation project focused on the order-to-cash process and tracking outbound shipping emissions.

Archroma chose to partner with Celonis because of its innovative Execution Management System - a cloud platform for identifying and fixing inefficiencies hidden within business processes. The Celonis EMS extracts readily available data from IT systems and has a proven ability to improve sustainability performance by eliminating the inefficiencies that cause negative environmental or social impacts, such as decreasing carbon emissions by optimizing shipments.

Transforming Archroma's shipping operations with process mining and execution management

With Celonis, Archroma gained complete transparency of its logistic processes in scope. By getting insight into the weight of shipments and the capacity utilization of trucks, Archroma identified opportunities to bundle shipments, to explore potential reduction in both cost and emissions. The company also identified ways to improve customer relationships by sharing data related to emissions associated with its customers' orders.

The project between Celonis and Archroma was shortlisted for the data-powered business category at the IDC European Data Strategy & Innovation Awards 2022.

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