Caribou HazWaste Monitor

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Caribou HazWaste Monitor
Caribou HazWaste Monitor is the first software program that will take all the manifest information as you receive it
CARIBOU HazWaste Monitor is the first software program that will take all the manifest information as you receive it, and print your actual Generator Hazardous Waste reports by March 1 of each reporting year. Special state requirements and formats (including monthly and quarterly reports) are incorporated into the program. It also generates your state quarterly and/or annual Tax returns. All reports are computer generated and ready for submission with only your signature needed. Designed for the specific needs of hazardous waste GENERATORS in mind, HazWaste Monitor is fast, easy and complete. CARIBOU HazWaste Monitor is easy for even a computer novice to master. The data entry screens in CARIBOU HazWaste Monitor TM mirror manifests and many of the EPA and state report forms. Even an individual who is not familiar with the Hazardous Waste Generator Annual Report process will be able to use the program with little or no orientaion. Context sensitive help windows are available throughout the program.

Key Features Of Caribou Hazwaste Monitor

Pre-Loades Codes from the Federal/State Hazardous Waste Generator Booklet minimize data entry and reduce the chance for error.

Minimizes Need For Data Entry with an extensive relational database that enforces consistency throughout the system, Transporters, TSD's and Waste Descriptions only need to be entered once - the information may then be selected from pop-up windows and used year after year.

Automatic Calculations save time and ensure accurate conversion from any unit of measure.

Hazardous And Non-Hazardous Waste Tracking consolidates all of your waste generation data in one system.

Manifest Information Managemant tracks manifests and generates exception reports for overdue manifests. System alerts user of overdue manifests or containers that are approaching the 90-day limit.

Program Security includes individual user's identification, password protection and supervisor control to limit access to the program.

Automatically Prints Forms IC, GM , And OI along with unique State Reports, complete and ready for submission.

Tracking And Trending reports for instant hazardous and non-hazardous waste management.

Designed By Experts in regulatory compliance ensuring an accurate and up-to-date system.

Best Customer Service In The Industry.

Systems Requirements

  • Intel Pentium 133Mhz or Higher
  • Windows 95 SR-2 or Higher
  • 16Mb RAM
  • Hard disk with 20 megabytes free
  • 4x CD-Rom or Faster
  • HP LaserJet of compatible printer required for printing reports
  • Mouse
  • Network version requires the standard TCP/IP interface.

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