Canister Sampler

Source: Tisch Environmental Inc.
The TE-323 Canister Sampler meets all requirements of EPA Compendium Method TO-14
Tisch Environmental Inc.Canister Sampler meets all requirements of EPA Compendium Method TO-14. The canister meets EPA protocols for collection of ambient volatile organic compounds (VOC). It is PLC-controlled, and features a back-light front panel with four lines, 20 characters and three inputs for run, start and stop. Power is 85-280V AC, 50-60Hz, or 12V DC approx. draw 3.5 amps. Flow rates are from 1-300 ml/min. There is no limit on sampling events. The sampler also features:

  • Individual vacuum/pressure gauge for each canister port
  • Individual canister elapsed time totals for accurate chain of custody Q.C. management of data
  • Condensation trap vent
  • 19-in. rackmount or table top legs
  • Teflon pre-filter with replaceable filter elements

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