News | September 9, 2008

California High-Speed Rail Authority Determines Train System Is Capable Of Pollution-Free Operation

SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--A leading energy specialist has reported to the California High-Speed Rail Authority that the state's proposed high-speed train system can run with zero greenhouse gas emissions. The zero emissions strategy report was presented by Navigant Consulting Inc, a leading consultant on the energy, electric power and natural gas industries at the Authority's most recent board meeting held in San Diego. At the meeting, the Board adopted a renewable energy/zero emissions strategy for the high-speed train project.

Researchers noted that the train system is expected to use 3,380 Gigawatt hours a year of energy to transport 94 million passengers by 2030. According to their findings, generating this amount of energy from renewable sources is "well within the capabilities of the state." This amount represents one percent of the state's electrical load, or about three and a half days worth of electricity consumed throughout the state.

"Integrating renewable energy into the high-speed train project would be neither cost- nor resource- prohibitive and would be well in line with the more sustainable future that California is trying to ensure for itself. The benefits in this regard are clear and, with several avenues to ‘green' the train, the CHSRA could achieve the goal of low-cost, efficient and clean travel," according to the Navigant report.

"We've always known that electric high-speed trains represent a tremendous opportunity to meet greenhouse gas reduction goals by removing cars from the road and by slowing demand for additional air travel," said Judge Quentin L. Kopp, Chairman of the High-Speed Rail Authority. "But today, we welcome the news that this train is even greener, in that it can be powered with none of the emissions that cause global warming."

For more information about the zero emissions strategy, please visit ("The Use of Renewable Energy Sources to Provide Power to California High-Speed Rail.")

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