News | September 25, 2017

Bureau Veritas Announces True AIR Certification Program To Verify VOCs In Products

New York /PRNewswire/ - Bureau Veritas, a leading testing, inspection and certification provider for the consumer product industry announces its launch of True AIR. This innovative certification program verifies office / home furniture and construction materials meet rigorous standards for low VOC emissions.

VOCs are volatile organic compounds or chemicals that can be released, or off-gassed, from many products used to build and furnish homes and businesses. Over time, this infiltrates into the surrounding environment and affects the air that we breathe. This is also commonly known as the 'new smell' odor that can be associated with products or their packaging.

Bureau Veritas' True AIR Certification program, developed in partnership with MAS (Materials Analytical Services), helps manufacturers and retailers address potential VOC exposure concerns in furniture, interior building materials, paints, carpets and the furnishings they sell. The True AIR Certification program is a voluntary ISO 17065 compliant certification that screens raw materials, monitors supply chains and thoroughly tests finished materials. It enables architects, suppliers and consumers to select furniture, furnishings and construction materials that have been stringently tested to meet strict VOC standards that can contribute to a healthier environment inside buildings, workspaces and homes.

Tim Mattulke, Vice President of Technical Services and Consultancy, Americas, Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services commented, "Bureau Veritas True AIR Certification is truly innovative. While similar programs do exist using the same type of testing methods and technologies, our program focuses on identified core VOCs of concern, as well as over 100 VOCs that are currently on watch lists that may be identified as of concern in the future. This focused approach is considered the most cost effective from a testing and manufacturing standpoint," added Tim, "Accredited by over 60 bodies internationally and a leader in providing product certification services, we support retailers and manufacturers to deliver safe, quality, functioning and increasingly environmentally friendly products."

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