News | July 22, 2014

Bruel & Kjaer UK Introduces Short-Term Noise Monitoring Streamlines Quote Process For Noise Consultants

Noise Sentinel - On Demand is a subscription-based service, which is ideal for short-term noise monitoring projects, including spot surveys or compliance monitoring or complaint assessment for short construction projects. The web-based system displays real-time noise, alerts the operator to any threshold exceedances and delivers regular noise compliance reports.

The new quoting feature helps noise consultants provide potential customers with structured pricing, as the application provides copies of the quote, enabling the customer to see full pricing for noise monitoring equipment upfront.

Consultants order the Noise Sentinel - On Demand service online, and then receive everything required for the job by courier, enabling them to start measuring quickly. The cloud-based service makes the data immediately accessible from anywhere on the Internet. Once the monitoring project is complete, the consultant returns the equipment to Brüel & Kjær, but retains access to their measurement data.

Noise Sentinel - On Demand is based on Brüel & Kjær‘s award-winning Noise Sentinel, which has been designed for both permanent and long-term noise monitoring. The technology has been used over several years for long-term tunnelling and construction projects, as well as other noisy applications including mines, ports, industrial premises and entertainment venues all over the world.

SOURCE: Brüel & Kjær