News | February 13, 2014

Bollinger Energy Corporation Offers Net Zero Carbon Natural Gas

Bollinger Energy Corporation is now offering Net Zero Carbon Natural Gas to its business customers. Net Zero Carbon Natural Gas bundles Green-e Climate certified carbon offsets with natural gas to help companies reduce their carbon footprint associated with using natural gas.

As an increasing number of businesses are recognizing the importance of measuring and reducing their carbon footprint, Net Zero Carbon Natural Gas offers a bridge to help companies balance their emissions now as they find ways to reduce their overall carbon footprint. According to Todd Jones, Manager Green-e Climate, “It’s an innovative way to help businesses take meaningful action to counteract the greenhouse gas emissions associated with their natural gas consumption.”

Matt Bollinger, President of Bollinger Energy Corporation, says “Bollinger Energy is very excited to bring this innovative product to the marketplace. Net Zero Carbon natural gas makes being more environmentally conscious effortless. All natural gas usage and the 100% offset equivalents are calculated for our customers, there is nothing else to buy, no accounting, and no additional payments to make. The minimal cost and substantial impact makes Net Zero Carbon natural gas an easy decision.”

The Green-e Climate certified carbon offsets fund projects located in communities across the United States. The projects destroy greenhouse gases and produce renewable energy. “By providing offsets that are certified by Green-e Climate—a unique, retail certification program that ensures that customers are getting the high-quality emissions reductions that they’re paying for—Bollinger is demonstrating a strong commitment to quality and consumer protection in this market,” said Jones.

SOURCE: Bollinger Energy Corporation