News | November 19, 2014

Baseline® Releases PetroAlert® Series 9100 For Hydrocarbon Measurement

Source: Baseline Inc.

Baseline® a MOCON® company announces release the PetroAlert® Series 9100 Gas Chromatograph for mud logging during oil and gas exploration and other hydrocarbon measurement applications. Utilizing a FID (flame ionization detector) provides exceptional detection capabilities of both light and heavy hydrocarbons. Measurement of C1 to C5 (methane, ethane, propane, butanes and pentanes) can be accomplished in as little 30 seconds.

The PetroAlert not only provides a fast measurement, but a precise one as well. A measurement range from low ppm to high percent concentration levels allow for both quantitative and qualitative analysis. During the mud logging process, the speed and accuracy provided by the PetroAlert Series 9100 while drilling enables the geologist to make timely decisions regarding the well's potential, creating a more efficient process. Baseline’s mission is to provide turnkey, high-quality solutions to our customers. The expansion of the Series 9100 product line to include the PetroAlert is key in keeping with Baseline’s customer expectations.

The Series 9100 GC is relatively new to the market and offers an advanced level of technological innovation. It is fully integrated with powerful GC software eliminating the need for an external PC. The programmable touchscreen and USB interfaces offer a great deal of user flexibility. Other key features include remote access and control, automatic calibration, internal data storage allowing for unattended operation. Detector choices include FID (flame ionization detector), TCD (thermal conductivity detector), PID (photoionization detector) and HS PID (high sensitivity photoionization detector).

About Baseline, a MOCON company
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Source: Baseline - MOCON, Inc.