News | December 16, 2014

Baseline® Raises The Bar In Photoionization Detection Technology: Introducing The piD-TECH® eVx

Source: Baseline Inc.

Baseline® a MOCON® company introduces the piD-TECH® eVx, a new line of OEM Photoionization Detectors. In an effort to continue to improve our products and bring value to our customers, Baseline has developed a new version of the piD-TECH Photoionization Sensor. The new version is the piD-TECH eVx.

The eVx has improvements in both performance and price. Key improvements are; greater stability over temperature changes, minimal humidity effects, internal shielding and an internally regulated supply voltage able to accept input voltages from 3.2V to 5.5V.

The piD-TECH eVx detection capabilities and minimum detection quantity (MDQ) are denoted by color.

  • Green: Range 10,000 ppm - MDQ 1,000 ppb
  • Purple: Range 2,000 ppm - MDQ 500 ppb
  • Red: Range 200ppm - MDQ 50 ppb
  • Yellow: Range 20 ppm - MDQ 5 ppb
  • Blue: Range of 2 ppm - MDQ 0.5 ppb

Baseline’s line of OEM detectors is designed with a 4P platform for design and installation ease in portable or stationary gas detection equipment.

Some common applications for the piD-TECH eVx sensor include indoor air quality, industrial hygiene, safety monitoring, confined space entry, soil contamination, remediation, hazmat sites, spills and low-concentration leak detection.

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About Baseline, a MOCON company
With over four decades in the industry, Baseline sets the standard in the development and manufacture of gas chromatographs, hydrocarbon analyzers, OEM sensors and portable detection instruments including the recent addition of state of the art instrumentation for measuring environmental water quality.

Source: Baseline - MOCON, Inc.