News | March 12, 2024

Banyan Botanicals And Peers Announce Collaboration To Reduce Carbon Emissions In Herbal Supply Chain


Banyan Botanicals, the premier Ayurvedic lifestyle brand, and other companies in the natural products sector are working together to establish data on greenhouse gas emissions associated with the agricultural production of herbs. The group’s primary objective is to reduce carbon emissions in the herbal supply chain and improve environmental standards for the industry.

Facilitated by the Sustainable Herbs Program, this pre-competitive group working to establish accurate Scope 3 emissions data for herbal ingredients includes seven member companies: Banyan Botanicals, Nature’s Sunshine, Pure Synergy, Pukka Tea, Traditional Medicinals, Pacific Botanicals and Yogi. The coalition, known as the Scope 3 Herbal Footprinting Working Group, debuted today, Tuesday, March 12, at the Natural Products Expo West conference during a speaker panel titled “Navigating Scope 3 Data Challenges Through Collaboration,” which highlights the advantages of industry competitors coming together to improve environmental sustainability.

“Ayurvedic principles teach us that we are nature and our health is intimately connected to the health of the planet. What we do to the planet, we do to ourselves,” said Erin Douglas, Senior Social and Environmental Responsibility Manager at Banyan Botanicals. “Participating in the working group helps to advance Banyan’s climate work by enabling us to effectively establish an emissions baseline for our top herbal ingredients. Together, we are working to benefit our industry, plants and planet.”

Calculating Scope 3 emissions, classified as activities within an organization’s supply chain not directly controlled by the organization, poses several unique challenges. When compared to commodity crops like wheat, footprinting herbal ingredients is notably difficult to navigate due to outcomes from a diverse range of herbs, variability in production methods and the absence of readily available CO2 emissions data—essential for determining a company’s carbon footprint. Nevertheless, measuring these emissions is imperative to long-term sustainability of herb cultivation.

Conducting a single herbal emissions footprint can be cost-prohibitive, but pooling resources and enlisting Sustainable Ag to consult on the project enables the collaborative to efficiently gather primary data for over 20 priority herbs, including ashwagandha. This initiative also serves the broader goal of creating an accessible, scalable and standardized model for measuring herbal emissions across the industry.

Climate change is already impacting the growth cycles and yields of herbs. Agriculture accounts for approximately a quarter of global emissions, making it a significant driver of climate change and offering one of the most potent avenues for mitigation.

“The climate crisis is changing how we work together,” said Ann Armbrecht, Founder and Director of the Sustainable Herbs Program. “These seven companies coming together to share emissions data will benefit not only their bottom line but also their farm partners, consumers, the herbal industry and the environment.”

Once the initial herbal emissions are measured, the Scope 3 Herbal Footprinting Working Group plans to continue to collaborate around in-set projects at the farm level, which lowers the actual carbon emissions a company produces and reduces the climate impacts of their herbal ingredients. The group expects to begin publishing a white paper with preliminary results in late 2024. To learn more, please visit

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