AnoPur™: Anodizing Bath Purification System

Continuous, simple, economical recovery of acid for anodizing bath operations!

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Brochure: AnoPur Anodizing Bath Purification System

What is an AnoPur™ System?
An AnoPur™ unit is a small, skid-mounted device that connects directly to an anodizing tank, continuously removing aluminum as it is dissolved. The AnoPur™ unit has the flexibility to be connected to one tank or several tanks. It employs a simple PLC (programmable logic controller) in a control panel that uses a graphical display to indicate what the unit is doing at any given time.

The heart of the AnoPur™ unit is a column of ion exchange resin that can absorb acid while rejecting metal salts to waste. The acid is recovered from the resin using a simple water wash.

How AnoPur™ Works
A diaphragm pump mounted on the AnoPur unit transfers anodizing solution from the bath, through dual stage cartridge filters, to a storage reservoir located on the unit.

An AnoPur™ cycle consists of two basic steps. During the first step, filtered acid is pumped through the resin column. While the acid is absorbed by the resin, metal salt solution passes through the column to waste.

During the second step, water is pumped through the column, removing the acid. This acid stream is returned to the anodizing bath being treated. The cycle lasts two to five (2-5) minutes.

If the AnoPur™ system is left to run continuously, it will maintain the lowest possible level of dissolved aluminum in the anodizing bath. As a small amount of the acid is lost in the system waste, it can be more effective to start and stop the system, as required, to maintain a desired aluminum level.

Control panels with simple PLCs (programmable logic controllers) employ graphical displays that indicate what the System is doing at all times. The panels have provisions for remote on/off switching.

  • With the Multi-Tank Selector Manifold, an operator can conveniently select one of up to six (6) different tanks for purifiction. The manifold consists of six (6) sets of manual valves, each set consisting of valves for both the feed and product lines. The manifold is supplied with mounting hardware and instructions for easy hook-up.

  • The Mobile Kit includes all the necessary items required to make the AnoPur™ unit completely portable. This option is available for the D8 - D10 models. Wheels, push handles, hoses and quick connect air fittings are supplied with mounting hardware and instructions for easy installation.

Click Here To Download:
Brochure: AnoPur Anodizing Bath Purification System