Automatic Centrifuge

Source: Sanborn Technologies/North American Filtration, Inc.
The Turbo Separator T18-2 is an automatic solids discharging centrifuge...
Sanborn Technologies/North American Filtration, Inc.rbo Separator T18-2 is an automatic solids discharging centrifuge that recycles cutting oils by eliminating the 5-10 micron particles submersed in the fluid. The centrifuge has a process rate of up to 40 GPM and a solids removal rate of up to 20 gallons per shift. The system is capable of handling batches as little as 500 gallon sumps to as much as 60,000 gallon sumps. Controlled by PLC, the system uses a digital interface and sensors for monitoring operating parameters including bearing wear, centrifuge speed and sludge discharge. The centrifuge produces high G-forces that recycle the cutting oils quickly, requiring minimal operator involvement.

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