Automated Water Quality Analyzer

Source: Environmental Analytical Systems
Automated Water Quality Analyzer
The Aqualab provides water quality managers with a cost effective, reliable alternative to all presently available methods of water analysis
The Aqualab provides water quality managers with a cost effective, reliable alternative to all presently available methods of water analysis. The Aqualab system performs a wide range of chemical and physical analysis regimes, automatically and unattended in the field, with a level of performance equivalent to certified laboratory analysis. Real time measurement and validation of field analyses by on-board reference standards delivers an unmatched level of confidence in the results obtained. The precision performance of Aqualab is provided at a fraction of the cost-per-analysis of a typical grab sampling and laboratory analysis program. The Aqualab is complemented by a range of optional installation and communication packages. For monitoring programs in seawater, rivers, dams, lakes or in industrial environments, the Aqualab can be configured for optimum performance to meet site specific conditions. Remote control of all operating parameters and data retrieval are available with all of the communication package options. System versatility is enhanced by software which enables users to pre-set monitoring intervals, trigger levels and alarm functions. Users can automatically obtain the most valuable data during significant events. System interrogation and programming of individual sensor monitoring frequencies can be conducted at any time. On-board data storage provides additional systems support to the facility of remote retrieval and computer storage of results.

Aqualab capabilities include:

  • In-situ and unattended analysis with remote computer control of operating parameters. Data storage of results obtained in real time.

  • Laboratory standard detection limits obtained by calibration with on-board reference standards.

  • Low total energy demand which permits long term continuous field operation.

  • Analytical system and multiple intake lines backflushed and cleaned automatically.

  • Suitable for operation with high sediment load or dirty waters.

  • Choice of programmable monitoring regimes including event and alarm triggering.

  • Single or multiple intake lines which can be fixed or floating. Provides for continuous monitoring programs at several point locations.

  • Packaging and installation options to meet a variety of site conditions.

  • Communication options cover all facilities for data transfer and system control by cellular phone, radio and satellite.

  • Windows based user interface which provides graphical and tabular results display on a remote PC terminal.

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