Application Note

Application Note: Application Of Biotrickling Filter For Odor Control At The Morris Forman Wastewater Treatment Plant

Source: PRD Tech, Inc.

Pilot-scale study of a biotrickling filter using synthetic, high surface area media was undertaken by MSD, with the intention of saving the high cost of operating thermal oxidizers. Currently, two recuperative thermal oxidizers are used to treat odorous emissions from various sources. The pilot study showed that it is possible to treat hydrogen sulfide and organic sulfur compounds at high removal rates to achieve exit odor concentrations below the levels currently attained by the thermal oxidizers. Specifically, removal rates attained in the biotrickling filter were 99.99% for hydrogen sulfide, 98.92% for methyl mercaptan, 97.4% for dimethyl sulfide, 99.73% for carbon disulfide and 99.05% for dimethyl disulfide. The organic sulfur compounds were removed at an overall 99.33% with an odor reduction of 96.38%. The annual operating costs for the biotrickling filter are estimated to be about 5% of the thermal oxidizers to achieve comparable odor reductions.