News | March 26, 2020

American Forest Foundation Welcomes 3M As A Family Forest Carbon Program Partner

New program activates America’s family forest owners in addressing climate change

Washington, DC (PRWEB) - The American Forest Foundation (AFF) is proud to announce that 3M has committed to supporting the newly-created Family Forest Carbon Program (FFCP) to enhance carbon sequestration on family-owned forestland across the U.S. 3M has a long-standing commitment to sustainability and is a consistent industry leader in addressing sustainability issues, beginning with the establishment of their Pollution Prevention Pays program in 1975 and extending to its increasingly ambitious 2025 Sustainability Goals. 3M recently announced bold goals for transitioning its global operations to 100% renewable sources of electricity, advancing the circular economy, and positively impacting communities around the world, and they are doing just that by investing in the Family Forest Carbon Program.

The Family Forest Carbon Program incentivizes individual and family forest owners to adopt forest management practices that improve forest health and increase carbon sequestration, incorporating family forest owners in the global effort to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Families own 290 million acres of America’s forests, more than state or federal governments and the forest industry, and many face costs as a barrier in managing their forestland. These private forests represent a land mass the size of California and Texas combined. 3M’s support of the Family Forest Carbon Program will expedite family forest owner outreach and enable these families to take action on their land in Pennsylvania, where the program is being pilot tested.

The Family Forest Carbon Program represents a new approach to climate change mitigation that taps into the carbon storage potential of family-owned forestland while creating a new market and source of income for the families that dedicate time and effort to their forest management.

“3M understands the support needed to engage landowners and implement a new program at the ground level, and they have shown leadership in providing resources essential to the execution of this program,” said Nathan Truitt, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at AFF. “3M’s investment has been instrumental in setting the framework for the Family Forest Carbon Program and we could not do this work without their support. We encourage other businesses to follow their lead by investing in new approaches that support the carbon potential of family-owned forests.”

Beyond creating a carbon market for family landowners and improving family forest management, the Family Forest Carbon Program also improves overall forest health, fire resilience and water quality.

“3M innovates to decarbonize industry and accelerate global climate solutions, which is why we’re inspired by this innovative approach that improves forest management and empowers family forest owners to increase carbon sequestration,” said Gayle Schueller, Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer at 3M. “We proudly support the Family Forest Carbon Program in protecting and restoring land upon which countless people, ecosystems and wildlife depend.”

Recent research published in Science Advances demonstrates that nature-based solutions, like the Family Forest Carbon Program, can help absorb one-fifth of the carbon pollution produced in the United States—30 percent more than previously estimated. This is equivalent to the emissions from every U.S. passenger vehicle. Carbon pollution reductions are needed globally by 2030 to keep global temperature increases under 2 degrees Celsius.

About the American Forest Foundation
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