AirWall CCB- For Sanding, Welding, Grinding, Powder Coating, and General Dust Collection

Source: Envirosystems LLC
Get more at a lower cost. Standard package includes motor, starter, and Photohelic

  • Get more at a lower cost. Standard package includes motor, starter, and Photohelic.
  • Patented large area inlet enables operation with less resistance to air flow requires half the horsepower of most other systems.
  • Lower horsepower requirements minimize energy costs, often by as much as 50%.
  • Low filter resistance and unique front baffle design extends life and efficiency of filters - minimizes filter replacement costs.
  • Airwall CCB reduces the size of the AirWall required to provide ideal air flow rate by focusing air movement.
  • Five year limited warranty.


  • Removes 99.99+% of airborne sub-micron particulate (0.5 micron or greater) which exceeds curent OSHA and EPA permissible exposure levels for most materials.
  • Clean, filtered air is recycled into the work area resulting in additional heating or cooling energy savings.
  • Placed at the generation site within existing facilities, to isolate and control pollution before contaminating surrounding areas.
  • State-of-the-art air cleaning efficiency.


  • No costly ductwork design, fabrication and installation required for most installations due to modular design.
  • Multiple Airwalls can be placed side-by-side as a "wall of air cleaning" meeting the high air flow requirements of even the largest facilities.
  • Greatest air flow generation per square inch, eliminating need for large installation area, reducing expenses.
  • Units are easily configured to meet the needs of any application.
  • Eliminates the need for expensive room of building ventilation systems.


  • Cartridge filters automatically cleaned by high velocity Reverse Pulse-Jet cleaning system.
  • Puls cycles controlled with Photohelic pressure gage (monitors the pressure drop across filters, automatically sensing when it's time to clean).
  • Automatic system maintains optimum filter efficiency and longer filter lif



  • Provides workers with a clean, safe, well-lighted, dust-free environment.
  • Protects workers in adjacent areas from dust and fumes that could cause slow downs or work stoppages (no dust migration outside the booth).
  • CCB's increase the effectiveness of an AirWall unit by minimizing the ventilation area.
  • Optional noise absorbing interior panels reduce noise from grinding, sanding, etc.

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