News | April 2, 2012

AirTest Strategic Supplier Wins Shell Springboard Award For Innovative Energy Saving Technology That Reduces Greenhouse Gases

Delta, BC - AirTest Technologies Inc. , is pleased to announce that one of AirTest's strategic OEM product suppliers, Gas Sensing Solutions (GSS) of Glasgow, Scotland has won the Shell Springboard Award in recognition of their breakthrough COZIR technology in gas sensing. AirTest is the distributor for this innovative technology in North and South America.

This COZIR gas sensor represents a breakthrough in CO2 sensing technology in that it consumes 50 times less energy than conventional CO2 sensors, can measure up to 100% CO2, is resistant to jarring and shock, and can be configured to sample from 2 to 20 times per second.

The Shell Springboard Awards encourage innovation in reducing greenhouse gases to slow global climate change. According to the news release provided by Shell "Gas Sensing Solutions Ltd (GSS) received a ?40,000 financial boost for its high performance CO2 sensors that help users in the building control market reduce energy costs by up to 20%." The COZIR technology is unique in that it represents the first mass-produced gas sensor that utilizes an infrared light emitting diode (LED) that allows for ultra-low power performance and extremely fast sampling time. Alan Henderson, Managing Director of GSS said: "This prestigious Shell Springboard Award will help us launch into commercializing on a global basis. We are the only company in the world who has this technology, so we know our sensor is truly unique. It provides a new solution for the global building control market and uses battery and energy harvesting techniques for wireless platforms monitoring CO2 for ventilation control and can save a minimum of 15-20% of energy costs."

According to George Graham, President of AirTest, "Since the signing of our distribution agreement with GSS in January, AirTest has found very strong interest in the new GSS sensor technology, and we believe that the unique characteristics of this technology will open up many new markets. Of particular interest are applications that rely on battery powered devices such as hand held or wireless sensor/transmitters which we could not previously address. Another potential new market is in the field of medicine, especially sports medicine, where versions of the GSS Sprinter product can sample up to 20 times per second, ideal for analyzing patients' breath."

SOURCE: AirTest Technologies Inc.