Aerosol Particle Profiler

Aerosol Particle Profiler
Introducing an aerosol particulate monitor with increased functionality
Introducing an aerosol particulate monitor with increased functionality! The 531 combines hand-held portability with highly precise measurements, and can be configured as either a particle counter or particulate mass monitor.

Using a laser-diode-based optical sensor, the 531 uses light scatter technology to detect, size, and count particles (larger than 0.5 microns). This detected information can be converted into particle mass using mass-density conversion factors, or may be displayed as particles per size range, depending on how the 531 is configured.

A Remarkably Flexible, Higher Performance Instrument Featuring:
• Operates as either a particle counter, or mass monitor.
• Battery-operated handheld
• Two channel particle counter
• PM1, PM2.5, PM 7, and PM10 Mass Ranges

Applications Include:
• Filter Testing
• Air Quality Surverys
• IAQ Source Troubleshooting
• Emissions Sampling
• Work Place Monitoring

The 531 operates uniquely from any other instrument, and functions in one of two modes. As a mass par ticulate monitor, particles are detected, sized, and counted in multiple size ranges. Mass conversion is made using standard conversion factors, or by using user-programmable factors based on unique conditions. The particle mass can be display as PM1, PM2.5, PM 7, or PM10. When configured as a particle counter, sized-based particle counts are displayed as cumulative (counts above threshold) above 0.5 and 5.0 microns, the two most popular size ranges.

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