Activated Carbon Performance Modeling

Source: Evoqua Water Technologies (now part of Xylem)

Evoqua Water Technologies has developed computer modeling to make granular activated carbon (GAC) usage estimates quick, easy and reliable. The proper sizing of carbon adsorber beds requires an estimation of GAC usage rates.

Our computer modeling services provide customers with granular activated carbon (GAC) usage estimates necessary for the proper selection and sizing of your activated carbon adsorber bed. Liquid phase predictions are made based upon the Freudlich isotherm equation and a database containing over 250 compounds. Gas phase usage predictions are made based upon Polanyi adsorption theory, Dubinin-Raduskevich equation and Okazaki's model for predicting relative humidity. The program uses critical property specifications from a database of over 550 volatile compounds.‚Äč

Features and Benefits

  • Fully equipped, environmental carbon testing laboratory
  • Technical support for carbon selection and system sizing
  • Proprietary Computer Model programs
  • Fully trained technical support staff

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